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31 déc. 2007

get closer

I've been thinking about you and I for the past days
It's been nearly a week we are together
And day by day I feel closer to you
Do you realise all I say in this words are true ?

I've been thinking about you and I for a couple of weeks
I would like to move on our relationship
We kissed a lot and have such night I will remember
But I can't stand a day no more without you; get closer

Do you believe in my feelings and are they the same for you ?
For days and nights I can say that I belong to you
Ain't you ready to move on and be much more closer ?
You and me, we're strong when we're in love

Do you understand what I say ?
Will you join me as I dreamed it ?
It is not too late to have those feelings again
So please, get closer

(pour séverine)
Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
31 décembre 2007

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