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16 oct. 2001

Why do you come back to my mind ?

You're coming back to my mind
You obsess me all the time
And I Don't understand why
It's been a long that you've gone
And we've never been together
So can you explain me why ?
Why do I have these feelings
That I had when I was younger
That we mess something
That we could have grow together
You are coming back to my soul
And I never felt so alone
So can you explain me why ?
I'd like to call you at home
I already found your phone
But I daren't call you at home
Is there some magic ?
Is there any mystic ?
Tell me what you did to me ?
So why do I feel so strange ?
12 years have gone and
I never called you
I forgot all of you and now
You're coming back to me
In my mind

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
16 octobre 2001
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