blog des textes de poete fada (frederic cotta)

16 oct. 1994

drug is shit

Can you hear people dying
Can't you understand what it means
They are all of them crying
Because they are loosing their life.

Looking just for hashish
Then taking coke
Do you think it is good
To see them in a bed dying slowly.

Do you wish this happens to you
Do you think you're in a better way than them
Look at them they aren't older than you
So imagine.

Don't you want to listen
to what they have to say
It's better than shorts films on T.V.
They should tell you how
they have fallen down

Man or woman
Layed by unknows
Just doing anything to have a dose

Do you wish this could happen to you

I hope no.

'Cause you can leave this way,
it isn't too late
Listen to my voice and leave this way
Before it'll be too late for you
Don't fall inside.

Listen to the voices of your parents
of you teachers, of the childrens in the streets
Looking to media and have knowledge
of the danger.

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
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