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1 déc. 2007

Once again

Once again I don't understand
When I try to do my best to make her happy she escapes
None of her ever wanted me to be happy
None of her never wanted me to be

As I am growing I feel like I couldn't find the good one
This girl that would stay because of me
This girl that would accept me as me
What can I give, who will tell me ?

What do those God want from me ?
As I am growing there have been people slapping my face
I've been suffering and screaming in my head
I tryed to recover from all, that was hard

Once again I don't understand
I want to find her and be a father at last
The onliest thing I want is to live as everyone
Kiss my kids in the morning when I leave them at school
Share this proud with my spouse, get old and die with her

Once again I don't understand
Is there someone into this world that will understand ?
Where was I wrong and why she left me ?

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
01 décembre 2007
(nadège ... lost in the sea)
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