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1 févr. 2007

Miss You Grand'pa

You know, I would give anything to make people understand
How I feel in these day, following my memories
Searching for myself,
Lost in this planet where I feel alone and marooned

You know, I would do anything to make the others touch
What there is inside me and what my heart desire most
I would give all I have if it could help me
But it hurts so much

Obviously I would like you to stand here right by me
Saying to me I'm wrong and how this life is so beautiful
How I must be strong to help and cure people around me
But you ain't there yet

I feel lost without you grand'pa
You leaved me alone, sad and none can't know what is in my mind
Someday I forget then it comes stronger and stronger again
I could cry during night and days thinking you ain't there yet

And then comes my memories, strangled by my sobs
When I was younger and you were alive
And in my mind the rain returns
Covering the the coffin from the red flag and white roses

I miss you grand'pa

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
01 février 2007
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