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11 oct. 2006

when you came

when you came, I was alone in the darkness of my life
But you wanted me to be your sun and I needed to cope from my broken heart
I wanted to fill your demands and to prove myself I was able to change
I needed a change

When You came you rocked my feelings I was upside down by a look from you
I wanted us to shake our bodies on this melody I had heard in the past
There weren't any clouds into my sky I should have realized
That all I wanted into my life was all of you

When you came, things changed into my life
It wasn't black or grey but appreared colours
Colours are the way to make up wounds
But no answer came to my inside fears

When you came, I was jumping as a fool, trying to find love anywhere from anyone
I was alone since a couple of months, seeking for a true story
You put your arms around my neck and gave me the most tender kiss I ever had
your tongue was so hot and wet I wished this moment would never end

When you came, I thought God sent me an angel to collapse my darkness
You were so bright, so full of strength, so much harmless
I never had such a feeling for anyone else
I wanted to keep you by my side until I definitively rest

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
11 octobre 2006
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