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17 juil. 1996

I'd like to find a girl

I'd like to find a girl
Proove her, that I can be a lover.
I'd like to find a girl
And proove to myself that I can love forever

I don't want a queen of beaty
Just someone fo___r me
Just for making love, ooooo makin love,
making love with her.

I'd like to find a girl
Proove anyone I'm abble to love her
we could be full of love toghether.
I'd like her to lo___ve m____e
And proove anyone that we are free.
Just come, from anywhere you are.
Saying we're not lonely
Saying you feel well when you are in my arms
Saying, girl everything you want
But just enough to stay with me...

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
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