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29 juil. 1996


Leave this seat, just go out
Don't let you down and move around
Take your shoes and go for a party.
on 'the play' there is sound and music
A lot of people just waiting for you
GO GO don't let your soul resist
GO GO, express yourself on this sound, on this beat
GO GO imagine you're a great dancer
GO GO and dance all the night

Bridge :
You see it wasn't a bad idea
Now its time to go
But someone watches you
She looks at you
She 's just waiting you
And you've got a car, so GO

GO GO You're a good driver
GO GO Let your hand on gearbox
GO GO you have all the night for this
GO GO and just imagine you are free yeah

Car's driver :
How are you near the sea,
It's a pleasant place to have a break darling
Now, what about take an ending bath
Naked of course, thought we are free

GO GO leyt your body crawl the sea
GO GO and forget that morning is arriving
GO GO and imagine you are free
GO GO and let my sound control you

Now its time for you and her to make pleasant things
Don't forget condoms
If you want to stay free
Having a child when you are nineteen is a charge for anybody
So let my music control you mind

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
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