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12 oct. 2011

Give another try

I dunno how, I dunno when or if you'll find me on your way
Maybe you'll save me or I'll save you from hell
I dunno if it's possible but I want to give another try

May I find the special one that will make my heart stronger
I want to realise that in life there's nothing better
To be loved and to love in return

Don't wanna cheat, don't wanna lie
Just some true days where we both could find
Such pleasure in our minds

I've been hurted so many times
And I made mistakes too
I wanna give another try not to get fooled again

Wanna love her the way she need it
Wanna smash this sadness away
Wanna make us happy but where could I find her 

Won't you help me because I need her
Give me a clue where is she
Help me get out of this madness world

Frédéric COTTA (Poete-Fada)
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