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12 juil. 2010


It's monday, I wake up and I'm sleepy
All the week it will be
Got to leave my home and go to work
And the boss is gonna be creepy
Leaving you and your kiss,
Getting in the subway
All those people around ain't smiling
If I could I would be in another place
But this the way it will be
It's my life
All day, all week
at a desk far from beach
All I want is to have some time for us
But the boss is creepy
People ain't smiling
I wonder if we could be happy
If I have no money
What a monkey business
Could we live without all those things
Internet, satelite TV, mobile phone
Home phone we're gonna crazy
All week, all the day
The same song
I just wanna go away
Ain't no pleasure sitting there
Tell me baby
Would you come with me
If I devide we're goin' out
Take a breath just for us
Far from this crazyness
Would you come with me
To a place where we could live
Without any technology
Would you dare leave all of this

Frédéric COTTA (Poete-Fada)
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