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7 juil. 2010

Blame me

Maybe I don't know what I want
Maybe I'm too much selfish but
Blame me if I say
She's not the one

Maybe I need again to proove something to myself
But I'm not in love at all
And Whatever I try to do
The truth is she's not the one

Ain't this little blaze inside of me
Ain't this special melody to my heart
Ain't those little butterflies
That could make my heart really embrase

When I see her, there's nothing at all
When I hear her, her voice don't recall
And I remember that I've done this before
Ain't nothing at all, she's not the one

So as I come along and fake it all
Maybe I needed an intermede to sustain
And I'll have to wait for the good one
Maybe I have wait too much now

Anyway, I've tried again
Even if I knew she's not the one
I did my best not to make her suffer
But she's not the one I need

(pour laurence)
Frédéric COTTA (Poete-Fada)
07 juillet 2010
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