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2 août 2009

walk away and forget it

I didn't ask for you to come, but you came
I didn't ask you to break isolation, but you did
Telling me lies and sweet words I needed to hear
But you were another liar, another pain

Don't smile at me if you don't believe it
Don't talk to my face if you don't think it
Don't put your hand in mine if you don't mean it
Just walk away and forget it

Don't tell me sweet words if you don't entend them
Don't answer my calls if you don't care of them
Don't give me answer I'd like to read if you don't trust them
Just walk away and forget it

I've been selfish and foolish enough thinking about "you and I"
I couldn't bear you, even a picture
I just want to stay in the dark at midle night and stop thinking
So just get out of my life and let me stay in peace

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
02 août 2009
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