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3 oct. 2008

The day you changed my life

I was walking down the street when you came
I was hunting for something new to wear
I rushed into you while walking
Apologising myself I couldn't watch something else but you

you accept to come with me at the corner street café
we drank a coke while explaining our lives
Then I took your number and your name honey
You took my heart. You took my heart

Then we saw a lot discovering
who we were and where we were going
I was really attracted by you
But at begining I accepted to be just a friend

we were meeting at the same café on the corner street,
I was enjoying while we were drinking,
we danced a lot at "the night and day",
I was begging for a kiss then you accepted

From that day you changed my life
Everyday was shinning of you in my heart
Then everything got clear
I was dreaming of you from the first day of my life

frederic cotta (poete-fada)
03 octobre 2008
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