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3 avr. 2007

Never Alone Again

I'm fed up of being alone, alone
and I'm gonna catch the girl next door
I've been searching a long, a long, a long
For you and now I got you I'll never let you leave

This been a long time I've been searching for you
Where were you all those years I dunno and don't want to
I've cried a lot of been so sad and alone
But now you're there you're the sun of my soul

I believe I can be your guy
A kind of guide to give you better life
Let me tell you all I'm inside
my head is boiling of all those dreams I've done

I'm fed up of being alone, alone
And I'm going to catch the girl next door
Will it be you ? I am wondering
But now I know I'm gonna live

I can give you all the love you need
And couldn't find in all the men you did
I'll do my best to help realize your dreams
But I need conquer you heart before all this can be

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
03 avril 2007

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