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19 juil. 2006

where (hi myself)

Hi myself
On any time I call you on the phone you know that I need to talk to someone
thats when I'm going deep into my mind and I dunno howto make my ideas clearer
This time again I call you on the phone, in my mind 'cause we both know there is no-one,
I'm wondering to find someone to give all this love inside of me
I'm wondering to share my feelings, my desire and my melodies
Who knows where I could find you, who could help me in this way too

On any time I call you on the phone you know my head is bleading,
needing someone to be friend, to be closer and to love her,
I can't focus my interest on somebody cause I am fool
And I know that I really need someone special
I think I will never find the way I am wishing her too much
Is there a place to see, a place to know, I dunno.

On any time I call you on the phone I wonder you have good news for me
To say that you've found the one, the purest I wonder have for me
Even if I know deep inside of me I'll never find the one I really want
Cause everybody's know I'm fool and loving another one deepeastly
The way I do love is really a fullish way. I can't stay more than a day without her
Is she somewhere close or far, I dunno 'cause I'm a fool

On any time I call you, you'd be there for me
Can you tell me where she is and what's she expects me
I'd like to give all this love and tenderness inside of me
It's a shame to waste my time once and once again with women that don't care about me
That don't know who I really am and don't understand my belief
Is she somewhere, have I lost her ...

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
Juillet 2006
Creative Commons License

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