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12 sept. 2004


I've picked up the phone
To call you back baby
I could never have found
Someone like you baby

It's seems too hard to know
It's seems too hard to let it go
The way I want you is really
Gonna make me crazy

You know I'm not lazy
You know the way I feel
The inspiration I take
When I want to sweet you

You know the way I talk about
Those feelings deep on me
The way I remember the day
I've seen you on my way

I really care about you
Like no girl I did before
And no matter for me
Just to finish on the floor

I really need to love you
I really want to do
The best wishes and demand
I would make it too

Anyway, I've picked the phone to say all in the same line
You know that's difficult to me to expose what's in my mind.
I wanna expose myself to your objections
To know what's all about, is there any passion ?

I remember the first kiss and the first night
We had together that wasn't all about sex
Even if I could not get my thought outside
Of you, whatever, I've picked the phone to tell you this.

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
12 septembre 2004
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