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2 févr. 2002

Dance with me

Let me take your hand
Let me take your hand
Let me take your hand

She says no no no no no no
(she says) no no no no no no

Girl, I wanna take your hand
could I get with you
It's just I would
Like to have a dance
So let me perform with you
It's not about (something else)
Just a dance
It's all
I demand

Just dance with me
I'm not the man you think I am
I'm just here to have a dance
(No matters what could happen then)

Just dance with me
It's not about something else
Just come on the dance floor

Just dance with me
I wonder take your hands
and shake you on the dance floor

So dance with me
(come on yeah, yeah, yeah)

Dance with me
I couldn't accept nobody else
to dance with me tonight but you

Dance with me
Let me take your hands
and dance thru the night baby

Dance with me
come on, yeah, yeah, yeah

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
02 février 2002
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