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9 avr. 1993

you don't need

You don't need drug, alcool
You don't really nedd cigarettes
You don't need make it better
Because for me, you're the best

When I make you love
I Don't need to imagine things
I don't need to have sm ideas,
I don't need to try it better
'Cause you're the best

You don't need to hurt me
You don't need to give me pain
You don't need to give me problems
'cause I already have so much to solve

You don't need to make me sad
'Cause I am just your lover
You really pull away all those shits
Just try

You don't need make me mad
You don't need to understand me
But you need to understand that
I really love you
I really love you

'Cause you're the best woman I know
'Cause you're nice, sweet and sexy
'Cause without you life is difficult
That's why I feel good with you

And I need you so much

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)

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