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13 juin 2009

Not in love

I tried to smile at you
but I already knew
Ain't nothing possible with you
Because I seen inside of you

I listened to people around us
Telling me something was possible
We could discover the world together
But ain't this magic feeling

So I sung song to make you feel unique
Let you believe it could happen with me
But I wasn't telling the truth
Inside of my heart I knew

Even if I tried to conqueer you
I already knew nothing possible with you
'cause we both knew we weren't in love
We just wanted to take care of someone

'Cause we were both alone
in that night our heart were cold
expecting something to happen
need a smile, a touch or some hug

I finally decided to end the game
'cause I didn't want to hurt you
I run away from the dance-floor
To end this rupt night

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
13 juin 2009
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