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29 juin 2006

I need some love

Everytime I close my eyes
I dream of someone
Who could make me feel so right
Might it be you ?
I need to take someone in my arms
I need to give the love I have inside my heart
I feel such pain when I see people around
been toghether while I'm alone
Everytime I close my eyes
I see the darkness of my life
Will there be someone for me
Is there a light still shining somewhere
I don't know how to say what's inside of me
when I follow a girl in the street
Is it you ? I don't know 'cause I don't ask you
My eyes are open and you can see what's in my soul
Everytime I close my eyes
I really need to take a hand, to have those feelings again
Those special situations when you are totaly mine like I am yours
I don't know if I'll have a opportunity to be happy again
Will I find someone else and will she open her heart
Is there one more chance to give my life a light
wherever you are, I am wondering
Why couldn't it be someone sharing some love for me
Everytime I close my eyes
I ask myself why I' am alone and sad
Why is my heart empty
Got so much tenderness to offer
I am a good cook
Even when I'm not okay, I listen to the others
Got so many other things to give
Why can't a girl see me as a pretender

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
29 avril 2006
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