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16 juin 2002

Game over

You came into the room and it felt as if I was becoming a fool
No matter who you were and who I am too
I wanted to take you up and down
What have you done to me ?
I am not sure
It seems as if I was becoming a fool
Full of love and passion for you
You were dangerous to me
I wanted you, no matter the way I will
The jail, the cost or the ennemies
I wanted you
That was all for me.
No matter you were alone or not
No matter if you accept or not
I wanted you.
I was becoming crazy for any breath you took
My madness improved me to take plans
On how to capture you if you even refused me
Then I walked up to you and we talked a little
You finally accept a dinner with me
We took good times staying together
Now you are leaving me
Another took my place
But we did have good times I surely remember
Be as happy with him you've been with me
Now the game is other, we played, I lost.

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
16 juin 2002
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