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15 juil. 1997

I wanna say to you

I wanna say to you ;
How much I love you.
But I'm so shy ;
I could never say to you
The way I love you.

That's one of the reasons
That decided me write this song...

For me, you're the sunshine of my days,
Without you, babe;
I couldn't stay living, in that crazy world.

Words do have meanning,
(it means I love you)
Babe I couldn't live
(wihtout seing you, calling you speaking to you)
I'm totally crazy of you

And as long I will survive, in that world
Babe please accept being mine
I'll continue to love you.

Do not listen to what the others are saying !
Garbage, garbage...
All of that is not important
(as long you'll listen to my heart)
And yours, listen to your heart
And accept
(being mine.)

oh girl, be mine.

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
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