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15 juin 1997

I'm loco of you

Dear J#, I'm loco of you.
I shouldn't say what I did
But I was totaly in love with another girl.

So now, what can I do.
Except coming near from you.
Hopping you'll accept my pity face again.

I'm not this kind of man that just would like to lay you.
No, I wanna have a real relation.
No abusive sex, not to pirate you.
I just want to share my heart, my feelings.
Nothing to do with it if you're not near from me.

'cause baby, I'm loco of you
So : don't sass on my love.

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
To Jennifer F. with all my love, shall you understand what love is, one day...
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