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7 févr. 1997

You are now what I need

Oh, girl
I never say it to you
But Girl
I just write down the truth
These meaning that I feel
Since a long time now

Let me tell you my feelings
Girl I don't think that anyone
Dared have ever say this to you
But girl, all my desire are made for you
You are now what I need
You are now what I need

Oh girl, let me tell you how
We gonna for ever be together
Oh girl, let me tell you how
We could be, we could be in love together

If you don't share the same values, tell me
Don't let me loose my way
Girl if you do love me as I do
Don't say (to) me I am untruth (bis)

'Cause Girl we could be forever in love
We could be together ever
I'll make love to you
I could give you what you ever wanted too

(spoken) : Oh baby, if you could understand
This way I feel this day
If I could say this to you
You may share the same feelings


Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
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