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19 janv. 1997

paradise does exist

Paradise does exist
And I could give it to you (yeah)
Paradise does exist
So let me tell you.
hummm, girl, let spend the night together
let the moon and the sun have an appointment together (oh yeah)
Gril, you are my night observer (you are my night observer)
So give (ohh give), give me one reason
To give my paradise to you (ooo)
I'm burning of desire for you
And I am saying the truth
I may say all my lovers were false before you
So please, don't dismiss me (don't dismiss me)
Tell me your answer as soon as possible.
Oh please girl I'm crazy of you and I'm out of control (bis)
Paradise does exist and I would like to give to you
if you say ''yes'' to me

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
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