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1 août 1996

Just a letter for you

From the day when I born
To this day I am 20
From my first day of life
To my new anniversary
You where there
It's just a letter for you

This letter should be boring
Ennoying or full of passion
But mum, you know I do
I'm not abble to write like that
So it's just a letter for you

From the day of my first love
To this years of lonelyness
From my first day at school
To this day, you were there
So mum, please just accept
This letter for you

In my heart there's a special place
Where nobody should get in
And this place is just for you
'cause mum, our love is so pure
Never I'd close this place
Same if sometime we do argue

This place could be your home
Reminds of when we were younger
Reminds of love given and received
So mum, please accept
This letter I've done for you

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
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