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1 août 1996

apocalypse if for tomorow

People guess it
It is ariving
It does threaten our lives
It will just kill all of us
Apocalypse is for tomorow (2)

Do you imagine how it's goin' to happen ?
Nuclear or bactériologic wars ?
Who knows, I don't
Maybe Nature's mother is going to kill us
Taking her revenge of the stupid human we are.
'cause we did not save her
from pollutions and destructions
Don't you care now ?
Apocalypse is for tomorow (2)

We can't reverse the way
Or we must start today
People are dying
From famine and mysery
People are dying
from lack of care and wars

(voice :
poor world, can't we help it ?
Yes we could, but we must start today
Yes we should live in peace
Yes, we would, if we stop NOW destruction
Yes, we can, if we live in peace with nature and others)

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
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