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8 sept. 2007

I deeply loved you

I deeply loved you
And even if no one understand
I'm glad for you today
Because you finally found a love that is real and true

I deeply loved you
When we were in childhood
I was a knight riding a horse with you
Don't you remember all those joy we shared

I had forgotten all those memories
Until your mum gave me old photos
I had forgotten how we were happy
Before darkness came to blind the sun

I had forgotten but now it's clear
You are with him, happy at last
You can be sure, I will hold my words
That I'll respect the choice you made

And for his kid inside of you
And for the friendship we have together
I had forgotten but for me it's clear
All this love is because you are my sister

Frédéric COTTA (poete-fada)
8 septembre 2007
(pour cécile)
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